SB Partners invests $1 to $3 million in equity to acquire businesses with a defined niche, stable cash flows, and a diverse customer base.  We intend to hold companies indefinitely.

Selling?  Having sold companies ourselves, we know that not all promises made during the letter of intent stage are honored through closing.  Not our style.  We don’t overpromise to win an LOI with the expectation of renegotiating at the eleventh hour.  We keep our promises.  And as much of your life’s work was building the company you’re now selling, you want it sold to people who will behave honorably over a long term.  We will.

Managing a company about to be sold?  We understand that talented managers value, above all, autonomy.  We were managers before investors and have been in your shoes.  Look to us for advice and counsel as appropriate, and if there are areas in which you are less comfortable, delegate these to us.

SB Partners currently invests its principals’ capital.  This means you are working with the decision makers for any investment action.  Also, we have no requirement to sell a portfolio company to meet commitments to limited partners and intend to hold all investments indefinitely.

SB Partners currently owns Reliable Water Services, a leasing company with offices in Milwaukee and Indianapolis.  We also have a subordinated debt investment in a gourmet sandwich chain in Portland, Oregon.

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